Extraordinary Life Center, 2016

“I’ve had a wonderful life. I’ve had thousands of friends. I’ve had an exciting, adventurous, gratifying existence.” Courageous words

by Jimmy Carter, former American president, disclosing that the cancer found in his liver had spread to

his brain.


PLX invites both Swedish and international artists to manifest their janus-faced nature of Extraordinary life in a temporary residency and exhibition. In addition guest curators have been invited to contribute a thematic development, meshing individual projects into one experience.


The Extraordinary Life Center is a democratic and idiosyncratic vision, teaming with life. It is the structure that creates "fiction", the linking of seemingly desperate processes, stories, people and experience. This strange pattern is the web that makes sense of an increasing chaos, stress and displacement in a man-made ghost of (extra)ordinary life.


The Extraordinary Life Center will consist of two components. The first will function as a five day artist residency and the second will be an exhibition taking place over another five day period open to the public.


Everyday during the public exhibition The Extraordinary Life Center offers a special curated program to expand and contextualize the ambition of the center.